Hallett Academy

Hallett Academy first adopted restorative practices in 2010. Early indicators of success at Hallett included improved student achievement and advancing from a school on probation to a school meeting expectations based on the DPS School Performance Framework. Hallett has reaffirmed that, when provided the proper supports, no student is too young to begin building the language and capacity for conflict-resolution. After experiencing changes in leadership and high staff turnover, Hallett is committed to shifting the narrative for the school community to return to a strong restorative and responsive environment. In the 2016-2017 school year, Hallett served 394 students: 92% were students of color, 96% were low-income, 17% were English Language Learners, and 15% had disabilities. If you are interested in seeing a school in early stages of implementation, working to build community among students, families, and educators, sign up for a visit to Hallett Academy.